27 September 2011

CFP: Fascist Criminal Law

CFP: Fascist Criminal Law

The second conference of the European Society for Comparative Legal History (ESCLH) will take place at VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 9-10 July 2012. Paper proposals are invited in particular on the subject of "Fascist Criminal Law".

Quote: "A recurrent theme in recent and ongoing work on law and democracy in Europe has been the challenge of dealing with 'darker' aspects of law's ideological, substantive and methodological roots in anti-democratic legal orders. ... Arguably, the area of criminal law brings into sharp relief the power-relationship between State and citizen, and as such, it is a key area of law to be studied in order to understand the nature of fascist systems."

More information on the conference is to be found here: http://www.rechten.vu.nl/nl/onderzoek/conferenties-en-projecten/conference-esclh/index.asp

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