26 September 2011

Article: Insurrection VS Democracy

Article: Insurrection VS Democracy

Just published: An unsigned article, "Insurrection VS Democracy", in the latest issue of the Central Valley, California-based anarchist magazine, "Modesto Anarcho: the valley's insurrectionary journal of class struggle" (17, September 2011: pp. 30-2).

Excerpt: "The myth of democracy is a powerful one; it allows us to believe we are free when everywhere we are not. ... As the economic and ecological crisis deepens, those seeking change will be faced with a choice between insurrection and democracy. ... The time for dialogue, the time for begging is over. We won't be putting our futures up for a vote or asking the opinion of those who are destroying our lives and our world anymore."

The link below is to a full-text copy of the magazine.

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