05 September 2011

Book: Post-Democracy / Article: Postdemocracy (in German)

Book: Post-Democracy / Article: Postdemocracy (in German)

The nationalist German New Right, too, seem to have discovered the "post-democracy" label: The book, "Post-Demokratie" ("Post-Democracy"; my translation), by Karlheinz Weissmann (Institut für Staatspolitik) was published by Edition Antaios in March 2009. Both author and publisher are well known in conservative and far-right circles.

Quote (translated by me): "What follows when the 'democratic age' comes to an end? Weissmann takes up the debate in the English-speaking countries and drives it forward. Views on democracy have always been split into 'for' and 'against'. Weissmann discusses the arguments of both sides and shows why now, with great predictive power, an 'after', a 'post-democratic view', appears in addition."

A year earlier, an article by the same author was published under the title "Postdemokratie" ("Postdemocracy") in the journal "Sezession", 25, August 2008. The full text of that article is available here: http://www.sezession.de/1702/postdemokratie.html

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