18 September 2011

Article: Netanyahu's Partners, Democracy's Enemies

Article: Netanyahu's Partners, Democracy's Enemies

On 16 September 2011, the "New York Times" published an op-ed by Carlo Strenger (Tel Aviv University), titled "Netanyahu's Partners, Democracy's Enemies".

Excerpts: "[F]oreign minister ... Lieberman’s open disdain for European leaders and diplomats is not a failure of diplomacy; he ... believes that the West's hegemony has come to an end, and that the future lies with autocratic governments like those ruling Russia and China. Hence he believes that Israel has no reason to pander to the West's values. To him, liberal democracy represents weakness ... Mr. Lieberman wants a secular state; the religious parties want a theocracy. What unites them is that, for completely different reasons, they have no investment in the values of liberal democracy".

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