09 September 2011

Article: Moving Past Democracy: Post-Democracy in Austria

Article: Moving Past Democracy: Post-Democracy in Austria

Just published: Lauren Boc and Chris Lettner, "Moving Past Democracy: Post-Democracy in Austria" ("The New Presence: Prague's Journal of Central European Affairs", summer 2011: pp. 41-6[?]).

Frustratingly, while the journal seems to be well regarded, all further information on the article is hidden behind a pay wall. Neither the authors' institutional affiliation nor an abstract is available.

Note to future readers: The link below is to the "current issue" of the journal. I couldn't find a more permanent link to the particular issue this article was published in.

Update 12 October 2011: A version of the article has been published on the journal's website under the title, "Moving Past Democracy: Post-Democracy in Austria and its implications for Europe". The full text appears to be accessible to logged-in subscribers only: http://www.new-presence.com/2011/10/moving-past-democracy-post-democracy-in-austria-and-its-implications-for-europe/

Excerpt: "Many Austrian intellectuals have embraced the concept of post-democracy, with some of them stating that their country is already there. Political involvement is in sharp decline, indicating that Austrians are increasingly isolated from the political system."

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