01 September 2011

Article: This is why Team Anna makes me nervous

Article: This is why Team Anna makes me nervous

Bhanwar Megwanshi, a Dalit (lower caste) social activist and magazine editor, is credited with an opinion piece, "This is why Team Anna makes me nervous", posted on the website of the Indian political weekly, "Tehelka", on 1 September 2011. The lead reads: "Anna Hazare’s core group appears to be instinctively anti-democracy, anti-constitution, anti-parliament and possibly anti-minorities".

Excerpts: "In the name of a crusade against corruption, a number of supporters of the caste system ... have got together to stir up a massive agitation against India’s democratic system, insisting that democracy must bow before their dictates. ... It is not far-fetched to suspect that certain forces propelling the movement seek to scrap democracy through the institution of the Jan Lokpal ... Team Anna and the movement that it is spearheading have emerged, despite their populist face, as a potent challenge to democracy."

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