19 September 2011

Book: Can Life Prevail?

Book: Can Life Prevail?

The first English translation of the writings of an influential Finnish ecofascist fisherman-philosopher: Pentti Linkola, "Can Life Prevail?" (Integral Tradition, April 2009).

Excerpts: "'[T]he people know.' From this absurd assumption derives a suicidal form of government, parliamentary democracy, born among the tyrants of mankind, the West. ... Democracy is the most miserable of all known societal systems, the building block of doom. Under such a system of government unmanageable freedom of production and consumption and the passions of the people are not only tolerated, but cherished as the highest values. The most serious environmental disasters occur in democracies. Any kind of dictatorship is superior to democracy".

An article I shared last year referred to this book in passing: http://anti-democracy-agenda.blogspot.com/2010/09/alternative-to-new-wave-of-ecofascism.html

The link below is to the successor company of the book's publisher, where it currently seems to be out of stock. It remains available, though, from Amazon.

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