31 August 2011

Article: Why libertarians apologize for autocracy

Article: Why libertarians apologize for autocracy

Michael Lind of the radical-centrist New America Foundation is the author of an article, "Why libertarians apologize for autocracy", published on 30 August 2011 in the US online magazine, "Salon".

Excerpt: "The history of democratic nation-states since the 19th century proves that Macaulay, and von Mises, and Hayek, as well as lesser lights like Patri Friedman, have been right to argue that democracy is incompatible with libertarianism. ... Given the power to vote, most populations will not only vote for some system of government-backed social insurance, but also for all sorts of interventions in individual behavior that libertarians object to ... Unfortunately for libertarians who, like Hayek, prefer libertarian dictatorships to welfare-state democracies, even modern authoritarians reject the small-government creed."

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