31 August 2011

Article: Barry Hindess and the Critique of Democracy

Article: Barry Hindess and the Critique of Democracy

An article on a critic of democracy I had, admittedly, never heard of: Baogang He (Deakin University), "Barry Hindess and the Critique of Democracy" ("Alternatives: Global, Local, Political", 36 [1], February 2011: pp. 17-24).

Quote: "In the wake of the collapse of the Communist regime in the Soviet Union, liberal democracy was triumphantly celebrated as the 'end of history.' Against this backdrop, Hindess wrote a number of critical essays launching his intellectual critique of liberal democracy. His approach was primarily conceptual, highlighting the problems and weaknesses of the conceptualization of democracy and democratization."

Hindess is now Adjunct Professor at the Australian National University.

The full text of the article is available at this link: http://www.chinesedemocratization.com/Baogang-English%20articles/2010-11/HindessOnDemocracy.pdf

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