31 August 2011

Article: I hate democracy

Article: I hate democracy

A "view from the global South", and one of those blunt diatribes against democracy that keep appearing in African newspapers from time to time and get very little attention in other parts of the world: The op-ed, "I hate democracy", by Wonder Guchu, a Zimbabwean journalist, poet, and writer of short stories, published in the Namibia-based newspaper, "The Southern Times", on 15 August 2011.

Excerpt: "This democracy speaks the language of anger and hatred. It seeks to isolate and shame all those who do not agree in principle with whatever desires or wishes such democracy wants. It is 'God' in itself. Everything must rally around it. Stop and listen only to its voice. Every person must kneel and crawl only to this democracy. And many voices are drowned. Many people sit back in fear of being called names. Debate is stifled because once you say what you think and it's different from what democracy wants, then you are an 'operative' or an 'apologist'. Whatever view you have does not mean anything as long as it is different from what democracy dictates."

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