31 August 2011

Article: Threat from the antidemocrats

Article: Threat from the antidemocrats

Hugh Cortazzi, scholar and former British ambassador to Japan, worries in an op-ed in "The Japan Times" of 9 August 2011 about a perceived "Threat from the antidemocrats".

Excerpts: "The recent massacre perpetrated by a lone gunman in Norway has made leaders in democratic countries review the threat to their societies from extremist anti-democratic elements. ... The terms left and right are no longer valid in any analysis of the forces which threaten our democracy. Those on the extreme left and those on the extreme right are often indistinguishable. Many disgruntled elements have little or no ideology. ... There are neo-Fascist, neo-Nazi and other anti-democratic parties in almost all European countries."

Too short to be of much substance.

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