05 November 2011

Article: We are at the end for now (in German)

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Article: We are at the end for now (in German)

In Germany, an essay in the "Berliner Zeitung" continues the debate on the end of democracy. Dirk Pilz und Friederike Schröter, two freelance journalists, titled their article of 5 November 2011 "Wir sind zunächst am Ende" ("We are at the end for now"; my rough translation).

Excerpts (translated by me): "Western democracy ... has become a mere administrative apparatus of its own principles ... The time has come: Democracy calls itself into question. ... Whether there is an alternative to democracy that doesn't boil down to dictatorship or the authoritarian state will only be discovered if we don't take it as an absolute. Proscribed imaginations may not block our thinking."

Essay: Wir sind zunächst am Ende

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