26 November 2011

Article: Democracy put to the test (from Spanish)

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Article: Democracy put to the test (from Spanish)

A further article by José Ignacio Torreblanca (National University of Distance Education, Madrid), originally published in Spanish on the website of "El País" on 12 November 2011, "La democracia puesta a prueba", was translated into English by Ollie Brock for openDemocracy .net, where it appeared under the title, "Democracy put to the test".

Excerpt: "We find ourselves in a situation unprecedented in the history of democracy. Historically, democracy has only existed on two levels: the Greek polis and the nation state. As we know, there was no transition from one to the other, nor any coexistence between the two forms: one disappeared and the other emerged centuries later. ... The problem is that just as the mechanisms that made democracy function in city states were not adequate for governing nation states, representative democracies today are showing themselves incapable of managing, effectively and democratically, the system that is emerging in Europe."

Original article: http://internacional.elpais.com/internacional/2011/11/12/actualidad/1321119086_848312.html

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