04 November 2011

Article: R.I.P. European democracy, 1945-2011

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Article: R.I.P. European democracy, 1945-2011

The libertarian columnist, Theodore Beale (a.k.a. Vox Day), titled an article for the conservative news site, WorldNetDaily (WND), published on 30 October 2011, "R.I.P. European democracy, 1945-2011".

Excerpt: "[I]t will become increasingly difficult for intellectuals to deny the connection between Christianity and democracy as the recognized, even celebrated, post-Christianity of Europe has been closely followed by European post-democracy. ... European democracy is effectively dead. The European political elite is no longer even pretending to be representing the will of the European people in any way ... Until both left and right unite and turn against the Washington-Wall Street axis of oligarchy, American democracy will continue to die."

R.I.P. European democracy, 1945-2011R.I.P. European democracy, 1945-2011

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