08 October 2011

Article: With democracy failing what is succeeding?

Article: With democracy failing what is succeeding?

The strange case of a liberal journalist who represents a centrist-conservative party (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz) in parliament (National Assembly) and calls for "democratic fascism". Only in Pakistan ... Ayaz Amir's opinion piece, "With democracy failing what is succeeding?", appeared on 7 October 2011 in the country's largest English-language daily, "The News International".

Excerpts: "No one should be in any doubt that the democracy hatched by the 2008 elections is proving a long drawn-out failure ... because of the incompetence of the traditional governing elites, political and military. ... The most striking effect of the breakdown of democracy is the death of hope. Cynicism was the dominant Pakistani mood in the Musharraf era. The prevailing mood now is one of unrelieved pessimism. ... This excuse of a democracy is a washout."

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