19 October 2011

Article: Is the Occupy Movement Anti-Democratic?

Article: Is the Occupy Movement Anti-Democratic?

Writing for the "Washington Post"-affiliated online magazine, "Slate", columnist Anne Applebaum (Legatum Institute), on 17 October 2011, asked: "Is the Occupy Movement Anti-Democratic?".

Excerpt: "In New York, marchers chanted, 'This is what democracy looks like,' but, actually, this isn't what democracy looks like. This is what freedom of speech looks like. Democracy looks a lot more boring. Democracy requires institutions, ... designed to reflect, at least crudely, the desire for political change within a given nation. But they cannot cope with the desire for global political change, nor can they control things that happen outside their own borders ... - globalization has clearly begun to undermine the legitimacy of Western democracies. 'Global' activists, if they are not careful, will accelerate that decline."

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