13 October 2011

Article: Democracy is failing the planet

Article: Democracy is failing the planet

To paraphrase Shakespeare: The professor doth protest too much, methinks. Stressing that he rejects the idea of "suspending democracy ... as impractical and, well, anti-democratic", Clive Hamilton (Charles Sturt University) nonetheless proceeds to bolster the argument of those environmentalists who would suspend democracy to cure climate change. His debate contribution, "Democracy is failing the planet", was published on 13 October 2011 on the Australian university-funded research news and information site, "The Conversation".

Excerpt: "[W]e should be concerned about the corpses of science, reason and expertise that democracy is leaving in its wake. ... Over the last decade or so, politically driven climate deniers have adroitly used the instruments of democratic practice to erode the authority of professional expertise. ... In this way, democracy has defeated science. ... It is this dictatorship of ignorance that is failing the planet."

More on this line of thought here: http://anti-democracy-agenda.blogspot.com/search/label/climate%20changeEdit

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