11 December 2011

Article: Democracy and democratic values in the Balkans

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Article: Democracy and democratic values in the Balkans

Vedran Dzihic (Johns Hopkins University) is the author of the article, "Democracy and democratic values in the Balkans", published in a political science journal affiliated with the Dutch Democrats 66 party ("idee: Publication of the Mr. Hans van Mierlo Stichting", 32 [6], December 2011: pp. 12-16).

Excerpt: "While the certain crisis of democracy or - to put it differently - democracy fatigue in the Balkans parallel to post-democratic tendencies in the West has emerged, certain percentage of citizens in the Balkans societies started to be rather skeptical towards the 'role model' and values of the West and the EU. ... The global crisis of democracy and of traditional values and norms attached to democracy has become the part of the Balkans present [sic]."

The article forms part of an English-language special issue of the journal on "The rule of law: fundamental rights & shared values in South East Europe".

The link is to a full-text copy of the journal.

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