03 April 2010

Audio: Jonathan Meese's "Lolita de Sade"

Jonathan Meese is a German painter and sculptor, performance and installation artist. In February 2010, the Verlag für moderne Kunst in Nürnberg released "original sound recordings" (Originaltonaufnahmen) of Meese, edited by Brigade Commerz – Audio Arts Archive, under the title "Lolita de Sade":


The recordings seem to be in German, but the following English description is to be found on the publisher's website: "'Children – Lolitas – Democrats', this is how the world is built for Jonathan Meese. Democrats are human machines that in reality want to suck us dry. They entice us with the most pornographic and disgusting thing of all: with culture and the journey into the self. Meese cannot find anything obscene in the sex shop, on the other hand. It only has toys, and anyway the vampire in art is the most lewd thing for him. Art simply takes place in front of us. It is like peeing, or like the 'Haifischmund'
[shark's mouth] of Scarlett Johansson: 'Total metabolism, total fertility, total anti-democracy, total neutrality. A pure object, a plug for all and none ... too large or too small for everyone'."

Unfortunately, I can't quite figure out what it is all about. Might be some kind of art work or (merely) an interview.

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