21 April 2010

Book: The End of Democracy

Abid Ullah Jan, "The End of Democracy" (Pragmatic Publishing, 2003):


From the publisher's description: "Following the end of the Cold War in which liberal democracy triumphed over Communism, Francis Fukuyama claimed it was 'the end of history.' In this devastating critique of democracy, Abid Ullah Jan [...] claims that far from being the end of history, [...] it is in fact 'the end of democracy.' Democracy has failed and it has been used and abused, particularly following 9/11. Democracy has been undermined by a minority ruling elite to curtail civil liberties and mislead the public at home, whilst waging wars of domination abroad. The author argues that [...] it will be Islam that will ultimately challenge and triumph over liberal democracy as we know it. Abid Ullah Jan [...] has written many important works disclosing the forgery of the fake champions of democracy, human rights and justice, the invalidity of their claims and their dark alliances with the most repressive dictators in the world."

From the description on Amazon: "The problem is that many of us do not see any alternative to democracy and that lack of vision makes many stick to the search for the illusive true democracy. There is hardly anyone in the world who would argue that democracy is perfect. No sooner they find and understand the alternative, the perfect alternative, their association with the convoluted democracy we are subjected to by a few elite [sic] might become a stigma for them. The End of Democracy presents that alternative to the stagnation of democracy that is getting foul and turning into [an] unprecedented kind of tyranny with each passing day."

Reviews: "A thought-provoking work that points towards solution for the problems caused by the failure of secular democracy" (Ayub Azhar Hamid, National Director, Canadian Islamic Congress)

"[T]ruly points out that just like the corporate media the corporate democracy is bitterly suppressing the will of the people. [...] [W]e can see a revolution around the corner." ("Baluchistan Post")

Jan dedicated this book to those "who are suffering under one or another kind of twisted democracy".

Pakistani-born Abid Ullah Jan, a graduate of the University of London, is a journalist and book author and community development specialist living in Ottawa, Canada.

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