18 January 2010

New group: Democracy Is Dead

Days after the Islamist groups Islam4UK and Al-Muhajiroun were outlawed by the British government, the groups' leader, Anjem Choudary, announced his plans to found a new group under the provocative name "Democracy Is Dead":


Seemingly, this story, which was run by the "Daily Star" yesterday, has not been picked up by any other British media. (It's all over the
anti-Islamic blogs, though.)

Already Islam4UK, according to its website, was set up "to propagate the supreme Islamic ideology [...] as a divine alternative to man-made law", i.e., democracy.

Islam4UK was banned after announcing a protest march to remember the Muslims who died at the hands of the western coalition forces in Afghanistan.

The (now shut down) website of Islam4UK has been archived here:


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