04 January 2010

Article: The Enemies of Democracy

Published in 2007 in the rather obscure and hard to find "International Journal of World Peace" (24 [2]: pp. 63-83), one of the latest articles concerning "The Enemies of Democracy" was written by Laurie L. Calhoun.

Abstract: "In recent years, one of the most frequently cited reasons for unleashing military force upon the world [as part of the "war on terror"] has been the importance of democratization. The inhabitants of the lands attacked in interventions rationalized (in part) by the need to spread democracy are often said by war supporters to be the recipients of beneficence on the part of those who intervene. However, some of the people allegedly being 'saved' are through these missions instead killed or maimed. Accordingly, claims on the part of the warriors to be promoting democracy need to be scrutinized, not simply accepted as true on the basis of the accounts offered by the killers themselves. A closer examination reveals that the assumptions funding the reigning pro-military paradigm conflict with the most basic principles of democracy. The erosion of American democracy occasioned by the twentieth-century expansion and transformation of the U.S. military has been exacerbated by the concomitant effects of capitalization upon the mainstream media."

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Laurie L. Calhoun is Executive Editor of "Transition" magazine at the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard and a Research Fellow at the libertarian Independent Institute.

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