02 March 2010

Book: Democracy is a system of Kufr: It is forbidden to adopt, implement or call for it

Abdul Qadeem Zalloom is the author of a 50-page book(let) titled "Democracy is a system of Kufr: It is forbidden to adopt, implement or call for it", the second edition of which was published in 1995 by London-based Al-Khilafah Publications. Presumably, this is the English translation of a text originally written in Arabic. The book (or maybe the translation?) was completed on 27 May 1990.

Palestinian-born Yusuf Sheikh Abdul Qadeem Zal(l)oom (also spelled Abd al-Qadim Zallum or Abdul Kaddim Zalloum), apparently a cleric and one-time professor at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, became global leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a pan-Islamist revolutionary party present in many Muslim countries as well as Western Europe, in 1977. He died in hiding, probably in Amman, Jordan, or in Saudi Arabia, in 2003.

The full text is currently available free of charge here:


Should the link not work anymore, please contact me for a copy of the PDF file.

Some excerpts: "The democracy which the Kaafir [infidel] West promotes in the Muslim countries is a system of Kufr [disbelief]. [...] It completely contradicts the rules of Islam whether in the comprehensive or partial issues, in the source from which it came, in the 'Aqeedah [beliefs] from which it emanated, in the basis on which it is established and in the thoughts and systems it has brought. [...] Democracy emanated from the creed of separating religion from life, which is the creed on which the capitalist ideology is established. It is the creed of the vague compromise solution, [...] based on lies and deception. We shall clarify its corruption and rottenness and what it has brought to the world in terms of misfortune and affliction, and the extent of the corruption of societies in which democracy is implemented. [...]

"The big capitalists are the ones who bring to power or into the representative assemblies those who will realise their interests. They are the ones who pay for the costs of the elections for the post of head of state and the membership of parliament. [...] The laws passed in these parliaments, and the decisions issued by these states, take into consideration the interests of those capitalists more than the interests of the people or their majority. [...] One of the severest afflictions brought to humanity is the idea of general freedoms initiated by the democratic system. [...] How ridiculous and disgusting it is that the colonialist democratic countries like America, Britain and France boast and brag of democratic values and human rights, and at the same time they trample all over all the humanitarian and ethical values. [...] As for the idea of personal freedom, it has turned societies [...] to a level of filthy promiscuity that even animals cannot reach. [...]

"In Islam the issue is quite different: Legislative matters do not depend on the opinion of the majority or the minority. Rather, they depend on the Shari'ah texts because the legislator is only Allah [...]. A Muslim is bound in all his actions by the Shari'ah rules and he is not free in any action. There is no freedom in Islam [...]. From all that we have discussed previously, it is extremely clear that the Western culture (Hadharah), values and Western viewpoint about life, Western democracy and the general freedoms, all completely contradict with Islam and its rules. They are Kufr thoughts, Kufr culture, systems of Kufr and laws of Kufr. [...] That is why it is forbidden for the Muslim to adopt it, call for it or establish parties on its basis, or to take its viewpoint about life, to apply it, to take it as the basis or source for the Constitution and laws or to make it a basis for education or objective. [...] It is obligatory on the Muslims to completely discard democracy. It is filth. It is the rule of Taghut [idolatry/Satan]."

Some questions remain regarding the correct dating of this text or possible later additions or alterations (most likely made by someone other than the original author). One passage reads: "[I]t has moved to legislating the permissibility of deviant sexual practices. Some democratic countries have even permitted marriage between sexually deviant people, where they have allowed a man to marry a man, and a woman to marry a woman." Quite obviously, legislation recognizing same-sex partnerships (let alone marriage) had not been introduced anywhere by either 1990 or 1995.

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