11 February 2010

Book: Dangerous Dreamers: The Australian Anti-Democratic Left and Czechoslovak Agents

In January 2010, Peter Hruby published a book titled "Dangerous Dreamers: The Australian Anti-Democratic Left and Czechoslovak Agents" with iUniverse:


From the publisher's description: "Australian spy Ian Milner was suspected of working for Soviet and Czechoslovak secret services on four continents. He served at the United Nations in New York, and the FBI followed him day and night before eventually declaring he was not a spy. But secret documents from Prague show he was spying all along. Wilfred Burchett claimed to be an independent Australian journalist. He wrote dozens of books, and Prague documents prove that he was a secret member of the Communist Party of Australia. He also worked for Soviet, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese secret services. Drawing upon past secret documents of Australian, Czechoslovak and U.S. secret agencies along with important Soviet records, historian and professor Peter Hruby, who grew up under Communist rule and taught in Australia for decades, uncovers the secrets of the ideology and its manipulative advocates.

"Along with the stories of spies previously unknown or overlooked, also discover: How Communists pushed for revolution in Australia; The role of writers and artists in the struggle; How terrorists and politicians influenced the movement".

Czech-born Peter R. Hruby, from Annapolis, Maryland, USA, lived and taught at universities in Australia from 1971 to 2000. He is the author of numerous books and articles.

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